Project Overview

With the existing switchgear reaching the end of life and to reduce the ongoing risk of failure and disruption to critical hospital operations it was necessary to replace the main switch panel serving the hospital. 

The main switchgear housed dual incoming supplies and controls for the site based standby generator.

EX2 worked with a specialist panel builder to carry out detailed surveys of the existing panel to enable the replacement panel to be manufactured as close as possible to match the existing PILC cables.

The work to replace the panel was carried out over a three weekend period and involved connecting sections of the old panel to the new panel.

Whilst the works were carried out an assortment of standby generators brought to site to provide temporary power during the replacement works. 

The works were completed on time and without any unplanned disruption to the site operations.

  • Client:Royal Devon & Exeter Foundation Trust
  • Main Contractor:EX2 Electrical
  • Consultant Engineer:SDS
  • Project Budget:£120,000
  • Timescale:4 Weeks
  • Works Undertaken:
    • New switchgear
    • Temporary power
    • Lighting and emergency lighting
    • Small power